Affiliate Program for beginners in India 2021

Affiliate Program for beginners in India 2021

If you search online ‘how to earn money online’ in India, you already came across a term named ‘affiliate’. You start thinking about how to earn money from this. Because many professional bloggers in India earn from the affiliate. Affiliate earnings are usually counted as passive income. So it attracts more attention. There are many big companies providing you affiliate which are known as affiliate programs. When you try affiliate products to people, it is known as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Before jumping into affiliate programs, you must know about affiliate marketing. Well, affiliate marketing is one of the oldest ways to make money online. The revenue sharing concept which is known as affiliate marketing was created in 1994. It was four years after the creation of the’ world wide web’. It’s not clear which company started the affiliate program first. You can know more about affiliate marketing on Wikipedia.

Short definition

Affiliate marketing is a process where you help a certain company to sell their products and you get a certain percentage of commission. In simple words, affiliate is more like a commission where companies  give you commissions for helping them selling their products. Read everything you need to know about affiliate marketing

Affiliate is indeed one of best ways for beginners to start earning money. It is also one of best way to monetize a website. There are several websites in India that give you affiliate program including small e-commerce websites. But what’s good for a beginner who has no knowledge or a little about affiliate marketing. As you know some people just want to earn some passive income from affiliate in India.

Note : I am not including any kind of services or virtual products here because it’s really hard to sell services or products in India. On the other side, affiliating physical products is easier.

Sites that I will mention, will be for beginners. So it should be

  • Easy to use
  • Quick signup
  • Not so complicated dashboard

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon affiliate dashboard

Amazon affiliate program is known as Amazon Associates was launched on 8th July 2013 in India. It was one of the few companies in India to give an affiliate program. Amazon also provides API to integrate your app/website

Commission rates : 0.2-10% (based on the products)

Minimum payout : ₹1000

2. Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart Affiliate Dashboard

Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce giants in India. It also gives you an affiliate program to earn from them. Flipkart was started as a bookselling company in India and ended up being one of the biggest e-commerce stores in India. Flipkart has APIs for app/website integration.

Update: Flipkart affiliate program isn’t taking new account registration by the time I am writing the post. They’re giving an option to join the waiting list. It will soon be resumed. But as of now you can go and put your details. If it has been opened, go and register.

Commission rate : 0.1-10%

Minimum payout : ₹2500

3. Vcomission

Vcomission affiliate dashboard

Vcomission was founded in 2008. It’s one of the oldest companies in India to provide an affiliate program. It may look a little bit complicated on the signup page but it’s really easy. Vcomission has big partners including Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and other multinational brands. It makes this company undoubtedly one of the best for affiliates.

Commission rate : varies with companies

Minimum payout : ₹5000

4. Wasakey

wasakey affiliate dashboard

Wasakey is totally new e-commerce website. This website sells t-shirts mostly. Recently this company has started an affiliate program that gives up to 15% affiliate commission on each product. This makes this company a good competitor against the big players in e-commerce. The sign-up process is also easy. As it’s a small company it doesn’t ask for much detail. You can also sign-up with your Google account or Facebook account.

Commission rates : 10-15%

Minimum payout : ₹500

5. Cuelinks

cuelinks affiliate dashboard

Cuelinks is one of the leading affiliate programs in India. It has 10+ partner companies including Flipkart Amazon and other websites. The registration process is quite easy for a beginner.

Commission rates : 5% and above

Minimum payout : ₹500


All affiliate programs mentioned here are available in India but still, there are plenty of affiliate programs available all over India. But these services are very easy to use and good for beginners. All services have their pros and cons. You can find out all the details in-depth on their own websites.

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