Alliances Changing the Bihar Scenario

Actually this time this situation has arisen due to changed scenario of alliances. In any case, keeping the winning equations in mind, all the parties are deciding their respective candidates. In 2015, the BJP contested 157 seats, but this time it will fight only 110 seats. Under this circumstance, 47 leaders were naturally to be denied tickets. This is more or less the same with JDU. RJD has also denied ticket to 18 MLAs in 144 seats of their quota. If seen in the figures, compared to 2015, this time RJD will see 29 new faces. In this round, all the big political parties have cut the ticket of the sitting MLAs in large numbers. Apart from stopping any party, a large number of candidates are also in the fray as independents. Among these MLAs were Sunil Pandey (Tarari, Bhojpur), Gulzar Devi (Phulparas, Madhubani), Dadan Pehalwan (Dumraon, Buxar), Anil Sharma (Bikram, Patna), Srikanth Nirala (Manner, Patna) and State Executive President of Hindustani Awam Morcha Shiva Prakash is the son of Ramdev Rai, the late MLA of Dhirendra Kumar Munna and Bachwara (Begusarai), who is in the election field on his own without any party.

Apart from these, people of many party organizations have also revolted and jumped into the fray. It is being said that only in the Kosi region (along with Seemanchal), about two dozen BJP leaders are preparing to contest the seats which have gone to JDU’s account under the agreement. It is not that the parties have not taken action against them. They have been suspended or expelled but the fear of action does not outweigh the ambition. In many places, parties have also succeeded in persuading rebels after rebellion. In some places, the parties have also changed the candidate after protests. However, the number of bugis is expected to increase until the nomination period is over for the last phase of voting. At present, there is a possibility of a fierce electoral contest with the presence of rebel candidates in more than forty seats in the first phase.

All the parties of the state were victims of the game of defection. Actually, the goal is to get tickets at any cost, so any kind of doubt in this motivates them to change the track. Then party commitment or political faith becomes just an object of show. Many people get a chance in this game, while many teams are not able to succeed in the objective even after changing and those who are confident of their victory by working in the field, they go into the battlefield without any team. Since the goal of the parties is to achieve victory in the yen-ken-type election, they also do not shy away from the game of change. The situation even goes so far that the father is in some party and the son in another party. Mohammad, son of LJP MP Chaudhary Mehboob Ali Kaiser of Khagaria. Yusuf Salauddin has joined RJD. Leaving Congress, Bahubali leader Anand Mohan’s wife Lovely Anand joined RJD with his son Chetan Anand. The mother-son duo also made RJD their candidate. If seen, more than a dozen MLAs who won elections in 2015 changed their house. Now, for some reason or other, those who change the party and contest the election will find the rebel’s name.

Anil Sharma, once a MLA from Patna’s Bikram assembly constituency and twice from BJP, says, “When I was an MLA, I worked for three terms, but in 2015, even after being defeated, the BJP for a full five years. As a representative of the region, he became a participant in every happiness and sorrow of the people of the region, and was engaged with body, mind and money. Despite this, the party cut my ticket and declared the parachute candidate as a candidate. I came to the Independent Election ground. ” On the other hand, Gulzar Devi, who is a JDU MLA from Phulparas in Madhubani district, says, “The party did not give the ticket till the last time of assurances while I have raised the value of the area party and won the trust of the public. So now the independents are fighting on the demand of the public Am. ”

Winning strategy

Journalist Ravi Ranjan says, “In fact, the tendency of political parties to prioritize the leaders of their Aadhaar votes in ticket distribution and to make a dent in the vote bank of another party promotes party-change.” It makes so much sense. The JDU, which claimed to be a party of Siddhants, also took into account the Mai (Muslim-Yadav) equation of the RJD along with their Luv-Kush (Kurmi-Koeri) in distributing tickets. Keeping this in mind, changes were made in the constituency of ministers.

In any case, it is the aim of a commander to win in the battlefield, but the presence of rebels also increases the possibility of insurgency. As such, small alliances have also increased the difficulties of the parties and the complexity of the decision for the voters. Who will be ahead in the number game of the election and who will tell the time behind it, but in this Mahasangram of Bihar, the path of victory will not be as easy for those candidates where rebels are challenging them.

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