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Amid the ongoing tension with china,DRDO is developing air launch missile

India is developing a new air-launched missile amidst the escalation in eastern Ladakh with China, which will be able to shoot down enemy tanks from a stand-off distance of more than 10 km. It will be tested in the coming two months. The missile is being developed by the Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO). Information related to the incident was given on Wednesday.

At the beginning of the week, India has successfully tested the indigenous stand of anti-tank missile (SAINT). DRDO has developed this missile for the Indian Air Force. It is believed that the new air-launched missile to be developed will be added to the Mi-35 helicopter of Russian origin with the capability to destroy the enemy from an improved stand-off range. This information was given by an official.

A better stand-off range will have the ability to destroy the enemy. This information was given by an official.
The current Russian-origin Shturm missile on the Mi-35 can target tanks in a range of five km. Other gunship weapons include rockets of different caliber, 500 kg bombs, 12.7 mm guns, and 23 mm cannon. It will be launched with the Mi-35 helicopter gunship for the first time in December.

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