The BJP has intervened to speed Rajinikanth’s entry into politics. Union Minister Amit Shah is scheduled to meet Rajnikanth in Chennai to discuss assembly election strategies. Amit Shah will arrive in Chennai today to inaugurate government projects and participate in the BJP leadership meeting.

The BJP is trying to increase its strength in Tamil Nadu, where assembly elections are due next year. Anna is trying to contest more and more seats in alliance with DMK. But the BJP, which has only four percent of the vote, is struggling to win more seats in the coalition.

Shah’s arrival is also aimed at shaping the BJP’s electoral strategy. The denial of the government’s permission to travel to the Wikitravel for the purpose of Hindu vote was a setback for the BJP. On this occasion, the BJP is exploring other avenues for the party’s rise. Amit Shah is likely to speak directly to Rajinikanth, who has indicated that he may opt-out of the party announcement.

But Rajni has not yet agreed to the meeting. The BJP has approached several prominent personalities who have proved their mettle in various fields.

Amit Shah, who will arrive in Chennai at 2 pm today, will inaugurate eight projects including the second phase of Chennai Metro in the evening. He will then attend the BJP leadership meeting. He will return to Delhi on Sunday morning.

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