By polls showing differing results, will Tejashvi be able to win the elections?


बिहार चुनाव से पहले मिलिए नए तेजस्वी यादव से, ज्यादा परिपक्व और पार्टी पर जिनकी है मजबूत पकड़


Times Now-CVoter has done Opinion Poll for Bihar Assembly Elections 2020. In this opinion poll, Times Now surveyed more than 30 thousand people and opinions of more than 60 thousand people were included. People in the opinion poll were asked the question – ‘How satisfied are you with CM Nitish’s performance?’ And ‘How satisfied are you with PM Modi’s performance?’

According to the result of the answers to the questions, 27.43% people of Bihar are very satisfied with Nitish Kumar’s performance. While 31.54 percent are somewhat less satisfied. While 40.42% people are not satisfied by Nitish Kumar. While 47.06% people were very satisfied with PM Modi’s performance, 28.45% were slightly less satisfied. At the same time, 24.29% people were not satisfied with the performance of PM Modi.

Chirag could not burn its ‘flame’, separated from NDA in Bihar elections, seats not reaching even in tens

In the survey, people gave their opinion on the question asked as the choice of the next Chief Minister of Bihar. Who is the most liked candidate to become the next Chief Minister of Bihar? In response, Nitish Kumar is still the first choice of 29.5 percent people. While Chirag Paswan wants to see 13.8 percent as CM. At the same time, Tejashwi Yadav wants to see 19.9 percent and Sushil Modi as 9.9 people as CM.


The opinion poll asked which party in Bihar could handle the best issues? NDA is the first choice of the people in response to this question. 311.33 percent of the people have first choice NDA. While 20.98 percent of the people voted for UPA. At the same time, 47.69 percent people believe that nobody can handle the issues of Bihar.


Unemployment is at the top of the issues on which the Bihar assembly is being contested. While 54.03 per cent considered unemployment as a major problem, 19.87 people preferred other issues, while 10.04 per cent considered the impact of corona as 5.11 per cent considered corruption a big issue


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