India’s Celebrated civil servant couple’s unexpected decision of ending their marriage become a hot topic in India. They decided to end their two years long married life. Tina Dabi’s husband Athar Amir filed a divorce petition in the Family Court in Jaipur. Tina Dabi said on Friday that the petition was filed with her consent. Tina Dabi, a 2015 Civils topper, is known to have fallen in love with  Aamir and married him. their family members didn’t have any objection to the marriage. But their marriage was strongly opposed by many Hindu communities.

Celebrated civil servant couple Tina dabi and Athar Amir, a filed for divorce in Jaipur.

The Vishwa Hindu Maha Sabha has openly criticized Tina for being an IAS top and marrying a Muslim man. However, the couple did not care and got married in 2018 in Anantnag, Kashmir, Aamir’s hometown. The couple, who got married after posting, is currently on duty in Rajasthan. Both spouses felt lucky to be in the same state by accident. However, shortly after the marriage began, differences of opinion arose between the two.

Tina Dabi of Bhopal secured the first rank in the first attempt of the 2015 Civil Service Examination. Athar Aamir of Kashmir secured the second rank in the same examination. Back then their love affair became a hot topic. Now the news of divorce has become a topic of discussion on the same level. On the other hand, filing for divorce has become a hot topic at a time when there is a huge nationwide debate on love jihad.

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