China and The Burmese Frown


The friendship of Myanmar’s military leaders with China is old. So when a senior army general accused China of giving weapons to separatist groups, it was natural for everyone to be shocked. This statement is of strategic importance for India.
The commander-in-chief of the Myanmar army- Tatmadaw, Senior General Min Aung Lai, recently said that some external forces are supporting and supporting Myanmar’s terrorist groups and that is why they are not being eliminated. In an interview given to the Russian television channel, he appealed for international cooperation to fight terrorism in Myanmar. Although clearly General Min Aung Lai did not name any terrorist group or country, but his gesture was clearly towards China. The Arakan Army and the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army in the northern Rakhine Province of Myanmar are believed to have the support and cooperation of China.
Although the Myanmar army has been giving such signs occasionally for the last several years, but this statement from the Chief of Army Staff cannot be underestimated. Somewhere it points to the growing distance between Tatmadaw and the People’s Liberation Army of China, but at the moment the talk does not seem to be as bad as all Western commentators have done after this incident. Myanmar is among the 53 countries that have supported China’s ongoing activities in Hong Kong with the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

For those interested in Myanmar’s foreign policy and internal affairs, it is an assumed fact that the Myanmar army has close ties with Tatmadaw and China (especially the People’s Liberation Army). China has often been seen as an ally for Myanmar, which remained in military dictatorship until 2015, after Ne-Win came to power following a military coup in 1962 – especially in the 90s when Aung San Suu Kyi’s democrats Despite winning the election, the army retained its power by evicting them from power. Even today, China is the second largest country in Myanmar in terms of foreign investment.

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