Chinese Guns In Burma?


Myanmar military officials believe that China has been providing weapons to several groups, including the Arakan Army and Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army operating in the northern Rakhine province. Not surprising, because the illegal procurement of small and big weapons is a big international market in which many people benefit – maybe even China. A major reason for Myanmar’s concern is that the weapons found in violent clashes with these separatist groups remain in China. This is also confirmed by the recently seized weapons in Northern Shan Province.

As far as the separatist military groups supported by China are concerned, the names of several factions such as Myanmar Democratic Alliance Army, National Democratic Alliance-Eastern Shan State, Palang Tang National Liberation Army and United States State Army also emerge. According to non-governmental and unconfirmed reports, the leaders of all these groups, including the Arakan Army, have been coming to China, especially its Greek province, and possibly have bases in areas along the China-Myanmar border. Not only this, China has also arbitrated between the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Myanmar’s central government, which is considered one of the most powerful separatist groups in Myanmar.

Despite all of China’s claims of mediation, there has been no reconciliation between the KIA and Myanmar government. Significantly, the KIA is dependent on illegal trades and traffickers such as forest wood, animals and narcotics to run its guerrilla government. This land-locked region is bordered by India and China. The question is that if India has been following a tough stance on terrorism and separatism for years, then which country is engaged in supporting and supporting trade with KIA and other separatist groups of Myanmar?

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