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Covid Numbers May Be 100 Times High Than Official Record In India; Sero-Surveys Present Higher Number Of Covid Patients

In the ICMR Sero-Survey conducted across the country between May and June, it has been revealed that there are 100 cases which could not be known in the country against every reported case of corona virus infection.
The survey conveys that by the time of may when government has declared only 60 thousand cases in India, the cases had already surpassed 64 lakh.

It was found in the survey that the rate of spread of infection in the country is 0.73 percent, which goes up to 1.03 per cent in some areas. This rate indicates a silent spread of infection.

Early stages of epidemic:

Researchers also say that the rate of infection is so low that the epidemic in India was in its early stages at that time and because of this, the risk of infection for most people in the country still remains.
The ICMR has said that there are 82 to 130 such cases which are hidden in the country, compared to every case found in laboratories by investigation. This means that the problem is about 100 times bigger than it looks. This number changes at different places.

Results of wrong investigation:

Experts believe that the large number of cases of infection not being found could be due to the wrong process of investigation. For several months, experts have been worrying about the lack of confirmation from the RTPCR investigation of those found negative in rapid investigations in the country.

In many districts in which either zero or very few infections cases have been reported, the survey also found a high rate of infection. This also points towards wrong investigation.
New instruction
Perhaps this is why the Center has said in the new instructions given to the states that such people who had symptoms of infection but the result of their rapid investigation came negative, their RTPCR should be investigated.
The survey found that the proportion of cases of infection and death from infection ranged between 0.0018 to 0.11 percent in May. In June, this ratio was increased from 0.27 to 0.15 percent. The officially recorded rate is 1.7 percent. The rate is 0.12 percent in the US and one percent in Spain and Brazil. But the researchers say that the statistics of India may be more because the reporting of deaths is very less here.
These surveys were conducted between the period of May 11 to June 4. For this, antibodies were tested in the blood of 28,000 infected people from 21 states.

Dangerous situation in villages

According to the survey, by May and June, the infection had spread to the villages. Sero-positivity was highest in rural areas (69.4 percent). 15.9 percent in urban slums and 14.6 percent in urban slums. However, the survey was conducted mostly in rural areas.

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