Cricketer Shares Objectionable Pics Of Her EX


A cricketer, who started following his sweetheart in the wake of realizing she was subtly into the adult industry, sent 20 sensual photographs of her to her family.

Regardless of the wrongdoing, the sportsperson is spared because of a lot of positive references and ‘past great character.’

The expert cricketer Grant Hodnett, in his defense, said that he released the photographs so as to save her.

The 38-year-old expressed that his now ex was ‘in danger’ and ‘required assistance’. The batsman had sent her disdainful messages as well.

The previous Gloucestershire player likewise marked her as a ‘liar and sociopath’ to family and all her near ones.

The court likewise heard that couple were engaged with extreme contentions after Hodnett became acquainted with about her mystery profession which in the long run prompted their separation.

Lucy Fitch-Adams told the court that the occurrence occurred when the cricketer sent them a brown envelope, Daily Mail reported.

The envelope contained her sexual pictures, a letter about her own life, and the names of the site for which she worked.

Fitch Adams included that his ex feels ‘terrified’ as Hodnett’s ‘consistent and undesirable conduct’ is just expanding step by step.

While Hodnett was held liable in the charge of following his ex and causing alert or trouble, he, be that as it may, got spared because of a lot of positive references.

In the protection of Hodnett, Mark Haslam pointed a ton of occurrences where he showed a great deal of good character.

Hallam expressed: ‘The respondent acknowledges that his lead was improper, however absolutely inadmissible. It was not for him to go on an ethical campaign,’ Daily Mail UK finished up.

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