Elite Video Player v6.5.4 Nulled

Elite Video Player v6.5.4 - WordPress plugin

Elite Video Player is a modern, responsive, fully customizable high-end video player for WordPress that support advertising and the most popular video platforms like YouTube (single, channel, playlist), Vimeo, self-hosting videos (only mp4 required), Google drive videos, Dropbox videos, local videos, Amazon S3 and LiveStreaming HLS m3u8 videos. Showcase your videos on your site across all browsers & devices with this unique and most powerful video player around.

Elite Player Supports :

YouTube support – playlist/channel/single youtube – Elite video player can play any youtube video, import youtube playlists, or even user channels. You can use the default YouTube player or YouTube player with custom controls.

YouTube 360 VR & YouTube LiveStreaming support – Elite video player has now support for any Youtube 360 VR video, and even supports live stream videos from Youtube.

Self-hosted videos – You can host your own videos with only mp4 format required.

Vimeo support – Also, elite video player can play any video from vimeo too. Vimeo videos can be played with default Vimeo player or custom Elite player.

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS .m3u8) support – Elite video player now supports HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) .m3u8 files.

Amazon S3 & Amazon cloud drive videos – Elite player can play any video from amazon server.

Google drive videos – You can store and play videos from any Google drive.

Dropbox videos – Recommended when it comes to large files, use Dropbox to host your videos for free and play them in Elite player across websites.

Local videos – You can also play any video from your local drive, no need for web hosting. Videos from dropbox are also supported.

Openload videos – Elite video player can play any video from Openload.

Mixed videos – Create your playlist with any video type you want – mix YouTube/Vimeo/Self-hosted/GoogleDrive videos all in one playlist.

Elite Player Other Features :

Advertising,Google Analytics,Live video thumbnails for progress bar,Subtitles (captions),Sticky mode,Lightbox mode, responsive mode, fullscreen mode and many other important feature.

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