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Female havildar gets out of turn promotion for finding 76 missing children and introducing them to their family

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Delhi Police Commissioner SN Srivastava has been given an out-of-turn promotion to Seema Dhaka, a woman constable posted at Samaypur Badli police station. Havildar Seema Dhaka has found 76 missing children in two and a half months and introduced them to their family.

Seema Dhaka has become the first policeman of Delhi Police to be given an out-of-turn promotion for solving the cases of missing children. Semma Dhaka has been promoted to ASI from the constable before her usual promotional procedure.

Delhi Police spokesman Dr. Ish Singhal said that out of the 76 missing children found by Seema Dhaka, 56 children are under 14 years of age. The ASI has not only found missing children in Delhi but has also found missing children from Punjab and West Bengal.

Other policemen, including the Delhi Police Commissioner, believe that this will increase the enthusiasm of other policemen and the missing children can be found in more numbers.

The spokesperson said that on 5 August, the Delhi Police Commissioner had announced the award of Promotion and Extraordinary Work to the policemen who found missing children before the turn.

Under this, the soldier and the constable who will find 50 or more missing children under the age of 14 in a year will be promoted before the turn. The soldier and the constable who find at least 15 children will be given the Extraordinary Work Award.

Delhi Police has found 1440 missing children till August. Delhi Police believe that in this way more and more missing children will be able to be found. In such a situation, the missing children will be prevented from going on the path of crime. The missing children who were found by Havildar Seema Dhaka were missing from various police station.

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