Glenmark Pharma launches pulmonary fibrosis treatment drug in India

Glenmark launches covid19 drug in india

Glenmark company on Wed declared the launch of its generic version of Nintedanib (NINDANIB), used for the treatment of respiratory organ pathology, in India.

“Glenmark being a frontrunner within the space of respiratory has been amongst the primary to launch the branded generic version at a reasonable price for the treatment of respiratory organ pathology in India, it said in a very regulative filing.

This will offer patients a way more price effective treatment choice, and enable doctors to treat a wider patient population within the country, it added.

Glenmark mentioned Nintedanib is approved by the Indian drug regulator for the treatment of idiopathic (unknown cause) respiratory organ pathology (IPF).

“Since IPF could be a progressive disease that gets worse over time, beginning treatment early and continued treatment are necessary to slow disease progression.

A lower monthly treatment price so becomes crucial to confirm patients adhere to prescribed treatment within the long run. So far, Nintedanib has been studied extensively in numerous controlled clinical trials that have established its effectualness and safety,” the corporate added.

Glenmark aforementioned 2 clinical trials area unit being extended to review the effectualness and safety of Nintedanib as a treatment of SARS-COV2 iatrogenic respiratory organ pathology in moderate to severe COVID-19 patients.

With restricted treatment choices offered, opening respiratory organ diseases create a major treatment challenge in the Republic of India. The high value of newer treatments and also the pill burden of existing choices solely raise poor patient adherence.

By introducing NINDANIB, we have a tendency to hope to considerably scale back each pill and value burden for patients in the Republic of India, Glenmark cluster vice-chairman, and Business Head, Republic of India Formulations Alok leader aforementioned.

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Pulmonary pathology (PF) could be a metastasis condition characterized by the thickening and/or scarring of the lungs. This makes it tough for elements to undergo the air sacs and into the blood, inflicting symptoms like shortness of breath and dry cough.

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