How can 6 or 7 habits completely change your life?

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1. Sleep 8+ Hours a Night

You cannot perform at the highest levels when you’re sleep deprived.

Unless you happen to be like Dwayne Johson and have exceptionally low sleep requirements, you need to get, at a bare minimum, 7.5 hours of sleep per night. Personally, I’d recommend 8–9.

I used to sleep 6 hours and try to power through my days.

It sucked and I never accomplished what I wanted to.

Eventually, I realized the importance of sleep and gave myself permission to get as much sleep as I needed.habits, life, personality, personality development, life changing habits,Eventually, I realized the importance of sleep and gave myself permission to get as much sleep as I needed.

When I did this, even if I didn’t wake up until 10 a.m., my days were 2–3x more productive than the days where I woke up early and suffered through sleep deprivation.

Get your rest. Take care of your body and it will return the favor.

2. Strategically Take Time Off

You cannot succeed, in the long run, without intentionally taking time off to recharge your batteries and replenish your energy.

You need breaks, vacations, and time off so that your brain can process new information and think more clearly.

Time off will give you unique insights into the problems you are facing and the solutions to those problems. It will help you restore your energy, motivation, and enthusiasm for your craft and prevent you from burning out.

Take at least 2 days completely off every 7–10 days (I recommend doing a “digital detox” and removing all electronics from your life on these days).

Take one week off every quarter and try to get a solid 2–3 week vacation in every year.

I promise it will have a bigger positive impact than you can imagine.

3. Make Your Bed

Making your bed takes 2 minutes.

But it’s a small activity that requires discipline because, there’s no real reason to do it.

Sure, it allows you to accomplish one task before you get your day started.

But it’s not like making your bed will increase your income, make you more productive, or increase your sex appeal.

It’s the ultimate exercise in futility.

But you should still do it.

Making your bed first thing in the morning puts you into a disciplined and productive state immediately when you start your day.

It’s also a powerful motivation to stay awake instead of crawling into the warm sheet.

4. Quit Complaining

Complaining is like cancer in your soul.

You have a lot to be thankful for.

But everytime you complain, you tell yourself that your life sucks and that things aren’t the way that they should be (even when they’re great).

So quit complaining.

It’s like a poison.

It distracts you from the good and makes you focus on everything that is wrong.

It makes other people like you less, makes you miss opportunities, and distracts you from living an amazing life.

Buy a rubber band and put it on your right wrist.

If you find yourself complaining throughout the day, move it to your left wrist.

Your goal is to make it 30 days with that rubber band staying on your right hand.

5. Express Daily Gratitude and Forgiveness

Everyday take time to express daily gratitude and self-forgiveness.

Just pull out a pen and a sheet of paper and spend 5 minutes writing about the things you’re grateful for and really feeling the gratitude in your soul.

Next, spend a few minutes consciously forgiving yourself for being an imperfect person.

Maybe you procrastinated on an important project, got angry at your spouse, skipped the gym, or some other “terrible” thing.

It’s ok, write it out and forgive yourself for it while committing to do better next time.

No one is perfect and it’s important that you keep this in mind and forgive yourself when you screw up.

6. Execute Ideas as Fast As You Can

Success loves speed.

You can spend 20 years thinking and trying to find the perfect idea without ever taking action.

Or you can try 20 different ideas, fail at 19 of them, and then succeed wildly with the last one.

Execute ideas as quickly as possible.

Just take fast imperfect action and pivot when you receive new information.

Money and success love speed. So give it to them.

MD Foorqan

Motivational speaker, Storyteller, Content creator.Founder of KUMFOO MOTIVATION.

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