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How The Cuber Thieves Infiltrate Your Accounts, How Jamtara Became The Hun Of Internet Fraud; The Operating Module Of Jamtara’s Online Cuber Frauds. ( II )


These scammers from Jamtara also trick people in the name of customer care. Search engines put fake links on Google by vicious people. As soon as people open it by considering the right link of the company concerned, all their private and confidential information reaches the vicious people. The people of his gang are also expert in card cloning. Through the ATM skimming device, they collect all the information about the transaction from that ATM, cloning the card and then withdraw money from that account. Nowadays, with the help of fake Facebook ID, they ask people for money in the name of help. As soon as a person is ready to help them, they attach his account and set it to lime. He has also mastered data hacking. Some cyber criminals of Jamtara, including the Paytm employee, transferred the entire data of the consumers and started cheating by sending the link. In January this year, Jitendra Mandal and his two associates were arrested by the then police captain Anshuman Kumar in this connection. These people had hit the Paytm account holders in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai.

Big celebrities are not spared

Many cyber criminals of Jamtara have looted many big politicians, film artists, officials and businessmen. Many small and big people became bankrupt because of them. His years of hard earned money was lost in minutes and could not even realize it. In this connection, a few days ago, cyber criminals named Sitaram Mandal, Ramkumar Mandal, Ajay Mandal, Santosh Mandal were caught by Delhi Police. All of them are adept at tricking people into making vicious calls. According to the police records, after returning from Mumbai, Sitaram Mandal not only prepared his gang but with the help of this fraud, he created property worth crores. It is said that he has made more than 400 youth a master in cyber crime. He is wanted by the police of many big cities including Delhi-Noida.

Apart from this, police has arrested more than hundred vicious people in this area. Recently, the Maidan Garhi police of New Delhi arrested Sandeep, a member of the Jamtara gang who defrauded a person resident of Chhatarpur from Hoshiarpur in Punjab. Sandeep’s main job was to create new members for the gang and arrange bank accounts. Sandeep told the police during interrogation that his leader operates from Jamtara in Jharkhand and gang people work in Punjab, Rajasthan, Bihar, Gujarat and Bengal on commission. He told that by this work he earns more that 25 lakh.

There is also a gang of women

Men are not alone in this instutionalised form of online robbery. Women are also running many gangs. A few years ago, the then SP Jaya Rai had revealed that the perpetrators of many gangs are women only. With her melodious voice and talkative ways, she easily takes people into the lure. More than half a dozen such women have been caught in the last three years. With the money blown by others, these women live a life of full comfort.

For the first time, the police found the woman thug named Pinky, whose husband was also a cyber criminal. The police got more than five hundred ATM card numbers from his possession. Investigation of his mobile phone revealed that he had committed most of the online fraud cases in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The police later arrested Soni and Manaka Devi. Many women are still on the radar of the Jamtara police.

Luxurious houses and expensive vehicles

Surrounded by forests and hills, there are more than a hundred villages or hamlets in Karamatand and Narayanpur blocks of Jamtara district that tell the story of their own prosperity. In these villages, expensive cars are kept in front of the luxurious houses. But surprisingly, there is a lock on them. In fact, there are many houses whose entire family is involved in this business. During the day, fearing police raids, they move from the village or hamlet and sit in the clump of bamboo or other plant, using laptops and mobile phones to carry out high-tech robbery. Their informers inform them about the police car’s turn towards the village before the police arrives. Because of this, they stay away from the police.

The vicious villagers of these villages have become so rich by blowing money from other’s account that apart from real estate and property like property, they have also invested a lot in other trades. According to a report sent to the police headquarters by Jamtara Cyber ​​Police Station, the list of names of more than two dozen vicious people has been sent to the Enforcement Directorate (ED). ED’s action is going on against Santosh Mandal, Ganesh Mandal, Pradeep Mandal and Pintu Mandal. Outgoing SP of Jamtara, Anshuman Kumar says, “Proposal for action after examining the property of more than one and a half dozen cyber robbers has been sent to the Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax Department. There are many BPL families who have deposited assets through online fraud. . ”

Police is facing shortage of resources

It is not that the police are sitting hand in hand. After nationwide infamy, the Jharkhand government set up a cyber station in Jamtara in January 2018. Nearly two hundred cases were registered and three hundred more vicious people were arrested. But the police have not been able to control these cyber criminals yet. Criminals who are caught, due to lack of resources, slow pace of research and flaws in the system, soon come out on bail and then indulge in crime. In order to prevent cyber crime and share information as early as possible, a better effort has been made by creating an online Investing Cooperation Request Platform (OICR). This has increased the communication of police here from other states. Several states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Delhi and Maharashtra have sent information and location related to the arrest of vicious people to the Jamtara police through OICR. After doing research or action, Jamtara Police sends its information to the respective states.
Due to the acts of these vicious people, all banks or insurance companies, including the Reserve Bank, are making people aware in many ways. His message is clear that no bank officer or employee ever asks for personal information. Under no circumstances, password or PIN number should be shared with anyone. Recently, OTP has been made mandatory to withdraw money from ATMs. However, there is still a need to make the government system more effective and secure the data of financial institutions. But it is certain that such incidents cannot be controlled only by governmental efforts, each person has to be cautious, otherwise his fictitious earnings will be plundered by a fake phone call.

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