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Ullu is an Indian on-demand web series streaming platform. Currently, Ullu is only available for Web, Android, and IOS. Ullu is popular for its erotic and hot web series. This article how to watch and download the unlimited Ullu web series in a legal way.As we all know we can watch Ullu web series only through Ullu app on android and ios.

Ullu app gives you the choice of watching Ullu hot web series online or offline means you can download the web series and save it on your device and watch Ullu web series offline anytime and anywhere you want. Web series which are produced or released on Ullu is called Ullu Originals and as the name says you can’t watch them anywhere on the internet instead of Ullu app or Ullu tv.

The illegal copies of Ullu web series available on the internet are not worth watching because first of all, it is not a fair way to watch, most of the hot and sexy scenes are cut out from the web series and watching Ullu originals which don’t have sexy and hot scenes are useless and most importantly their quality is so low that you can’t enjoy Ullu Originals to fullest.

Subscribe Ullu App

In this article, I am gonna discuss how can you watch ullu web series online and enjoy the ullu originals to the fullest. After searching the whole internet for ullu coupons for discounts and exploring platform like MX player, youtube, daily motion i found that best way to watch ullu web series to take their subscription.

Ullu app subscription is very cheap that you have never being imagined.

Ullu provides four kinds of Subscription plans and I think all of them worth it. Because content which you gonna get on Ullu is of similar quality to but ullu app provides it very cheap.

Ullu provides you 4 Subscribtion plans which includes 4 days for 36 Rs (Unrestricted Access),3 Months for 117 Rs,6 Months for 162 Rs and the last plan is annual plan for 225 Rs.I gonna explain the each and every plan to you so that after reading this article you can choose your faviorate plan and watch hot and sexy ullu webseries online or offline.Before getting into plans i gonna explain every important thing to you.

What payment method do Ullu App Accept?

Ullu accepts all kinds of online payment methods from Net banking, Cards, UPI and Paytm so you can pay using whatever method you feel like. Great now most of your doubts related to the payment method is cleared now let’s get into the plan comparison for ullu app.

Ullu App Subscribtion Plans

Subscribtion Plan 1 : 4 days subscription for 36 Rs

In this plan, you are going to get 4 days of validity means you have 4 days of unrestricted access to ullu app and you can watch and download the ullu web series whichever you want to watch. But after four days it will end and you no longer be able to watch hot and sexy content off ullu app.

This plan is good for those who are the first-timers on ullu app and want to explore the world of hotness on their mobile. This not only gives an idea of how great is the content but also gives you the freedom to judge their streaming speed and user experiences. Based on which you can later buy higher plans of ullu.

Subscribtion Plan 2 : 3 month subscription for 117 Rs

The original price of this plan is 300 Rs but nowadays it is only 117 ruppees which is a good news for you all so that you can enjoy ullu hot webseries online restricted for 3 months.Now the most important thing is that the vaildity of downloaded videos expires with the vaildity of plan.For example if you have subscribed to this plan and downloaded all the ullu webseries offline they are not going to store in your local storage.

All the downloaded ullu web series are going to store in their app only with an enycrption that you can’t transfer it your local storage.

Subscribtion Plan 3 : 6 month subscription for 162 Rs

The original price of this plan is 600Rs but nowadays it is only 162Rs which is good news.By subscribing to this plan you can watch and enjoy ullu hot web series for 6 months without any interruptions. It golden time for you all to buy this plan because it has gotten more than 80% discount.

Subscribtion Plan 4 : Annual subscription for 225 Rs

This the final plan and has 75% discount now days which is more affordablle for you all.After buying this subscribtion you can enhjou ullu hd videos for one year with out any problem.

Conculsion :

Ullu is the most liked and watched ott platform in India.Their are many other platform which produces hot webseries but ullu’s hot web series storyline are most intresting.So buy any subscription and download as many ullu webseries as many you like.

FAQ’s Releated To Ullu

Why ULLU app is used mainly by boys for what type of content?

Ullu produces adult web series.

Is Ullu Webseries are Copyrighted?

Yes,Ullu webseries are copyrighted and Ullu App holds it’s right.Anyone can’t use Ullu content for commercial purpose without the right permissions from Ullu Production House.

How to share ULLU app subscription in other phone?

Ullu Subscription only works with one phone at one time.In case you try to login into another phone using same account it will be logged out automatically from other device.

Can I watch downloaded videos after plan expires?

Yes you can also watch the downloded webseries offline after your plan expires.But incase you have uninstalled the Ullu App all of the downloaded content will be deleted.

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