Huge Mishap In Space Tackled?

There has been news of a major relief in the field of space. The risk of a possible collision between a Russian satellite lying in space as debris (space junk) and a defunct Chinese rocket has been averted. Leolabs, a California company tracking space junk, had feared that several satellites could be damaged if these two objects collid

If I collided …

Liolabs stated that the combined mass of the Russian satellite and the defunct Chinese rocket was about 2800 kg. reported that if the two objects collided with each other, a huge cloud of debris would have arisen. Because they were moving towards each other with a speed of 52950 kmph. At 1256 GMT on Friday, the two objects were quite close to each other.

Huge garbage present in space

Thankfully, it did not collide with each other. Both objects were named Cosmos 2004 and CZ-4C R / B. Liolabs has reported in one of his tweets that his recent data confirm that Cosmos 2004 is still intact. The company said that it is monitoring this and will continue to share information on future risks. A report released by the European Space Agency on space debris estimates that 34,000 objects larger than 10 cm in space are currently circulating as debris.

The first satellite was launched in 1975

The world’s first artificial satellite Spinik-1 was launched in 1957. Since then several thousands of satellites have been sent from different countries. Space agencies around the world also monitor such debris. Nevertheless, tracking their increasing number is becoming a serious problem to track them. If the debris collides with each other, it can damage the satellites established in space.

What is space junk

Space debris, that is, space junk, means that something remains that has been destroyed or broken. It contains fragmentary and remnants of old satellites and rockets. These remains rotate in the earth’s orbit due to the force of gravity and collide with each other and produce debris. Their number is increasing day by day in space.

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