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Increasing Crime Against Women

7 percent increase in crime against women

The increase in crime against women was recorded in 2019 as compared to 2018. In 2018, 4,05,861 crimes were registered against 3,78,236 crimes against women in 2018. The crime rate per one lakh women was recorded at 62.14, which was 58.8 percent in 2018. Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of cases (59,853) and Assam has the highest crime rate per one lakh women (177.8).

87 rapes per day

The records shows that 31,775 rapes were reported in year 2019 alone, i.e. 87 cases per day on average. The highest numbers were as follows:
Rajasthan (5,997)
Uttar Pradesh(3,065)
Madhya Pradesh(2,485).
Rajasthan is also at the forefront of rape cases per one lakh population (15.9 percent), but is followed by Kerala (11.1) and Haryana (10.9).

The attacker was familiar

Accused husband or his relatives were found responsible in 30.9 percent of the cases against women. Of the total cases, 21.8 per cent were of assaults, 17.9 per cent of kidnappings and 7.9 per cent of rapes with the intention of breaching the dignity of the woman.

Dowry related crime also continues






The records point out that dowry related crimes are still prevalent in many parts of the country. A total of 2,410 cases of harassment due to dowry were reported in Uttar Pradesh and 1,210 in Bihar.

Acid attack

In 2019, a sum of 150 acid related assault cases were accounted for the nation over, out of which 42 were accounted for in Uttar Pradesh and 36 in West Bengal.

Rape of Dalit women

Rajasthan has the highest number of rape cases reported against Dalit women (554), but in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, the situation is not much different. 537 cases were reported in Uttar Pradesh and 510 in Madhya Pradesh. Kerala is at the top with 4.6 percent sexual assault of Dalit ladies per one lakh populace.

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