Environment, Forest, and Climate Change Minister Prakash Javadekar said on Thursday that India is the only country among the G-20 nations to comply with the 2 ° C taking into account the nationally determined contributions in Paris.
Javadekar said, “We are talking about the nationally determined contribution that we have presented in Paris.

We are the only country to walk the 2 ° C compliance path of our NDCs among the G-20s.” International Energy Agency’s Energy Technology Perspective 2020.

He said that the International Energy Report is very important and has raised many valid issues and stated that India has taken many decisive steps in fighting climate change not only at the government level but also at the private level, which shows our commitment and resolves it shows.
Javadekar appealed, “Instead of talking about 2050, we should talk of 2030 and 2020 of 2040 and commit to phased goals and countries.”

Highlighting the important role of finance and technology in providing clean energy and enhanced climate actions, Javadekar said that country-specific, appropriate and affordable technologies are the need of the hour as every climate action comes with a cost.

Speaking on India’s works on renewable energy, he said that India’s renewable energy is now 89 GW. Javadekar said, “It has grown by 170 percent in the last six years which is a significant increase. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022 and our aspirational target is 450 GW of renewable energy.”

“We are improving energy efficiency as well as giving e-vehicles a big push. The demand for EVs is increasing and prices are falling and we are also providing for more battery charging infrastructure. A battery swapping policy has also been adopted. We are giving subsidies for electrical buses which are already operational in many cities.

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Javadekar said that India is contributing in a big way on the energy front and the government is making tireless efforts in this direction.

International Energy Agency (IEA) executive director Fatih Birol said that India has moved to the center stage of international energy affairs and is a role model for other major emerging economies.

Speaking at a virtual launch of Energy Technology Perspectives 2020, a new study by the IEA that focuses on technology needs and opportunities to reach international climate and sustainable energy goals, Birol’s efforts to provide clean energy to millions of people Praised the Government of India for Of schemes like Ujjwala and Ujala
In today’s report of the IEA, among other things, governments, in particular, have an effective policy to deal with emissions from existing infrastructure and technologies

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