Indian Stores Challenge To Apple and Google?

Google and Apple have been accused of monopolizing their App Store. Actually many apps on the App Store are free such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Arogya Setu etc. But there are some apps that have to be purchased. In return, companies also take commission from app makers.

In India, recently, the payment app Paytm was removed from the Play Store citing a violation of policies by Google. Earlier, Google had also sent notice to Jomato and Swiggy. After the ticket ban, Indian start companies are now exploring new options. Startups in the field of technology are now producing apps with short video format, gaming apps. The government is also promoting it.
Recently, Indian company Paytm launched its mini app store for Android users and app developers. Now Indian users have got another option besides Google. There are many more apps listed on Paytm’s Mini App Store, such as 1 MG, Netmeds, Decathlon.
There are many Government of India apps available on eGov App Store, apart from this, there are already hundreds of apps on which are free. According to the report, the Indian government is going to launch its App Store soon so that Indian startup companies can be saved from the troubles.
There are some apps available on the App Store that have to be paid for the download. The market for these apps is huge. According to an estimate, in 2019, people bought $ 460 billion worth of apps from the App Store and it is likely to grow in the coming years.
About 500 million people in India use smart phones and according to an estimate three percent of people own Apple phones. That is, 97 percent people have Android phones. Google wants to go ahead in earning from the App Store. Apps like gaming and video sharing are very popular in young country and are ready to pay for the app.

After PUBG and TICTOCK ban Done in India, many native apps have come in the market and they are also becoming popular. On the lines of PUBG, the Indian company has launched the AFU-G (military) app with film actor Akshay Kumar. A few months ago, the Indian government had banned 118 Chinese apps citing security.


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