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Instagram Down: Instagram stalled in many parts of the world, Android users in India getting in trouble

Instagram Down in India: In many parts of the world, the popular social media application Instagram is not working. This famous photo / video sharing app has been down for the past several hours due to a bug. Many users across the world and in some parts of India are unable to access their accounts.

However, no explanation has yet been received from Instagram regarding this problem of users.

According to DownDetector, more than 800 such reports have come out so far according to which this problem started in Instagram at around 3 pm on Friday. Its complaints started increasing at around 5 o’clock and the round of complaints continued at around 8 o’clock.

Although this problem is not on a large scale with this Instagram app, but some Android users are having problems. With this on twitter

Explain that earlier this month, Instagram and other Facebook apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger were all stalled. In that outage, application services in most parts of Europe were shut down.

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