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Instagram is going to block negative comments

Everyone knows about Instagram. It’s a very popular social media platform. After seeing it’s potential Facebook bought this company. From that Instagram is growing in good speed. Although it lacks some features but still it’s okay for people. Like most of the influencers and celebrities are present on Instagram.

Why Instagram is going to block Negative comments?

Well the reason is not clear that much but according to a very popular celebrity Kylie Jenner that she has become very tired as people are only self promoting themselves so she’s disabling Instagram comments.

The official Instagram account also uploaded a post, direct words from Kevin Systrom stated that when he and his partner made this welcoming community where people can share their images. It has been 5 years people shared many images in this platform many for talks.

But the reason could be for people who can be depressed by the negative comments and wished not to post on Instagram before. Their mental health can be affected by those words. So Instagram is giving you a feature to disable inappropriate comments in your profile but you can still read them. If you want.

Instagram also show you warning before you comment anything negative in others comment box. But your comment can still be published but if the that person enabled the hide inappropriate comments, that person won’t be able to see your comment until he wants.

Instagram hide inappropriate comment
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