iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro shocking Antutu scores

Apple just launched it’s iPhone 12 series 2 days ago now we have Antutu scores of apple iPhone 12 series. iPhone 12 in Antutu has 4GB RAM & 256GB storage problem below the highest model. On the other hand iPhone 12 Pro 6GB RAM & 256GB RAM variant is listed. We can see they both iOS 14.1, most powerful Apple A14 bionic chip.

The results are quite surprising. when you compare Antutu scores with Exynos 1080 scores higher than the Apple A14. By the way exynos 1080 is an upper midrange chip. Although Apple don’t take Antutu in priority.

Apple A14 geekbench benchmarks
Source : tweet

Of course in geekbench A14 performed way higher than the Exynos 2100 which next year’s flagship chipset from Samsung.Exynos 2100 scores 1,323 in single core and 4,215 in multi core. Snapdragon 875 also scores identical to Exynos 2100 (1,204 single core & 4,121 multi core). So we can safely say that Antutu and geekbench has different parameters to judge each SoC. We can’t blame any of these benchmarks. But still Apple A14 is the king when it comes to benchmarks.

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