Laxmmi Bomb trailer gets more than likes on Youtube


Laxmmi Bomb trailer was released on youtube via FoxStarHindi Youtube Channel is become the part of the people outrage toward Bollywood and star kids.

Trailer Laxmmi Bomb Trailer was released on youtube on 9th October 2020. We can see that dislikes dominate the likes in this case whereas the story of the movie is quite interesting and thrilling.

But besides that movie is facing such disagreement from the public. Now the point is why the movie is getting so disagreement from the public not being political or based on any real-life incident or historical drama that affects the sentiments of the group of people.

After full research done by the team, we have found some factors which led to such a big disagreement from the public are :

1.Remake of South Indian Movie : 

Most of the Bollywood movies are a copy or simply remake of South Indian Movies and Laxxmi Bomb also is a Remake of a south Indian movie Kanchana directed by Shiva by casting Akshay Kumar and Kaira Advani in lead roles.

The public is disappointed at Bollywood because of not showing them back to remake of south Indian movies only by twisting them right or left.

There are many examples of Bollywood movie who are the remake of South Indian Movies for

  • Kabeer Singh which also becomes a theatre hit of its time was a remake of the movie Arjun Reddy and there is the same scenario with many other movies which leads to killing the uniqueness and originality in Bollywood.

Below are some pieces of evidence which are taken from youtube and twitter to solidify the reason stated above. These are the individual’s views of the public expressed in youtube comments and tweets on Laxxmi Bomb :

Evidence Laxxmi Bomb is remake of Kancchna





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