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Food delivery major Zomato has earned the ire of social media users after it indulged actor Swara Bhasker’s demand to stop advertising on Republic Bharat.

In a tweet on Wednesday (18 November), Bhasker claimed to be a daily customer of Zomato while stating that she isn’t comfortable together with her money “even indirectly funding this kind of communal bigoted hate”.
Bhasker posted this tweet while quoting a Twitter handle named “defund the hate” which shared a clip from Republic Bharat’s debate on Love Jihad – while terming it as “hate speech”.
In response to the aforementioned tweets, Zomato posted that it’s looking into the matter, “Hi Swara, please note, we don’t endorse any content except our own. That being said, we are looking into this.”
This indulgence towards Bhasker’s demand led to intense anger among many social media users who warned Zomato against taking any action.

Many also shared that they have uninstalled the Zomato app or cancelled its Gold Subscription.

Zomato is not any stranger to controversy and last year it had been panned on social media for its “Food has no religion” campaign.
Many argued that while Zomato on one hand was promoting the “secular” nature of food, it on the opposite hand was going the additional mile to help customers who were wrongly delivered non-Halal dishes. People also questioned why unlike Halal, Zomato doesn’t provide any Jhatka certification on its platform.

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