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In Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh, an incident of suicide by hanging of a woman saddened by the death of a pet dog has come to light. Before dying, the woman wrote a suicide note requesting to bury her along with the dog. The police informed about the incident on Wednesday. Police officials of Raigad district said on Thursday that 21-year-old Priyanshu Singh, who was saddened by the death of her pet dog in Gorkha village under Kotra Road police station, allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself after the death of Dog.

Priyanshu was an M Com student in the local college. Police officials said that the police came to know about the suicide of the woman on Wednesday when a police team was dispatched to Gorkha village and the body was recovered.

He said that the police had received information that Dilip Singh, a resident of Gorkha village, had raised a dog in the house about four years ago. During this time the members of the house became attached to the dog. Police officials said that Priyanshu, the daughter of Dilip Singh, took care of the dog and the dog often stayed with Priyanshu.

He reported that the dog died late Tuesday after being ill for about 12 days. He said that Priyanshu was deeply saddened by the death of her pet dog. On Wednesday morning, when the family members were preparing to bury the carcass of the dog, they did not found Priyanshu there.

Later, when the family reached Priyanshu’s room, they found her body hanging.

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He said that the police recovered a suicide note from the scene, in which Priyanshu stated that she was saddened by the death of the dog and requested to bury her (Priyanshu) body with the dog.

Police officials said that the police have handed over the body of the girl to the family members after the post-mortem and a case has been registered. The family members of Priyanshu said that the body of the dog is buried close to the house and Priyanshu’s funeral was done according to customs.

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