Samsung S21 and S21 ultra renders leaked

Samsung S21 the next upcoming flagship for 2021. It was first expected to equip with AMD graphics but now AMD graphics will debut in 2022. The rumours are going on that it’ll come either in late December or in early January. This can be true as Samsung is changing their lineups drastically.

Leaks has started to come out already. Official renders. The CAD renders has been popped up via Ben Geskin today. Samsung S21 renders are showing very minimal bezels. This is the 6.2 inch Samsung S21 model with less bezels and it looks very compact for one handed users.

Samsung S21 is coming with Exynos 2100 which is already spotted on benchmark. It surely beats Snapdragon 875 in leaked benchmarks but still it won’t able to beat Apple A14 bionic. Plus according to experts it looks like Samsung S21 will be a minor upgrade over S20 or it can be downgraded also. Due to Samsung changing it’s lineup. S lineup by Samsung may be replaced by Z flip lineup and note line up may be replaced by Fold series. Samsung is also getting rid of ‘Galaxy’ branding. It’s good in my opinion as it gets confusing with this term. So it’s a good move by Samsung to get rid of ‘Galaxy’ branding. Samsung S21 will be 0.1mm thicker (8.0mm)

Samsung won’t get rid of chargers out of the box as well not probably next year but eventually they all end up copying Apple’s schemes.

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