Terrorists Planning To Trouble India?

Al Qaeda and ISIS inspired terrorist organizations are becoming a major threat to India. After the arrest of nine al-Qaeda terrorists last month, the NIA is trying to find their roots in different parts of the country. Pakistan’s ISI Al Qaeda is believed to be funding the Indian subcontinent-AQIS. Bengal is being infiltrated through Bangladesh. Agencies from Kerala to Dubai, Syria are also looking into the agencies.

Terrorist attacks have been planned in different parts of India by the Al Qaeda and IS alliance by igniting extremism. The agencies believe that among all the cases that have come to light so far, one thing is common that by spreading the poison of extremism through social media, the youth are being linked with Al Qaeda and IS inspired organizations. Hindustan reported that Al Qaeda and the IS network is spread across several states.

Sleeper cells in many states

They have the highest number of sleeper cells in West Bengal, Kerala and Kashmir. In UP, Bihar and Haryana, their network information is with the agencies. Sleeper cells are present in Mewat area of ​​Haryana besides Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Bihar, UP, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir. Somewhere there is al-Qaeda and there is presence of IS inspired terrorist organization. According to the agencies, at the root of this is extreme radicalism.

UN report has warned

The United Nations released a report two months ago on terrorism. It was warned that there could be a large number of IS terrorists in Kerala and Karnataka. The report also claimed that the Al-Qaeda (AQIS) terrorist organization in the Indian subcontinent is plotting an attack. The current mastermind of AQIS is Osama Mahmood, who replaces the slain Asim Umar. He is plotting retaliation in the area to avenge Omar’s death.
200 al-Qaeda terrorists in the Indian subcontinent:

The report said that there are 180 to 200 terrorists of Al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent. They are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent is an ally of IS.

IS claims to create new province in India
On 10 May 2019, IS quoted its news agency Amaq as claiming that it had succeeded in establishing a new province ‘Vilayah of Hind’ in India. This claim was made after an encounter in Kashmir. A terrorist named Sophie was killed in this encounter. Which was related to this organization. He was working with many terrorist organizations in Kashmir for more than 10 years. He later joined IS.

Sleeper cells of the organization inspired by Yemen’s organization Ansarullah
Yemen’s terrorist organization Ansarullah in India is also included in the agencies hit list. It is a militant organization of Yemeni Houthi rebels whose initial agenda was to spread unrest by terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia and America, but now this organization has started trying to create a furore in India too. Ansarullah has tried to take root in southern India. They mostly live in sleeper cells. Through social media, Islamists promote false jihadist mentality by showing videos of radicals and women with violent views. According to the records of NIA sources so far, college students are mostly vulnerable to it.

Consistent nationwide action:

The NIA has consistently taken action against Al Qaeda, IAS and other radical terrorist organizations. Apart from 122 people of IS, a large number of people belonging to other organizations have been arrested. Radical terrorists are coming under the grip of social media surveillance.

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