The Story Of Russia Taliban and Killing US soilders

BBC in one of its report by their Russia based reporter, published a sensational report, throwing a light on the gloomy international politics of war and peace.

A former Russian spy has told the BBC Russian service that the Russian intelligence agency is ‘a giant machine intended to wage war’.

The claim comes at a time when the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal quoted Russian military intelligence officials as saying that they had reached an agreement with the Taliban last year to kill US troops in Afghanistan. Will give

However, the US, Russia and Taliban commanders have dismissed these allegations.

At the same time, on Tuesday, the UK Defense Minister said that he is familiar with these intelligence reports.
Ben Wallace said, “I think there was a report on this issue in the New York Times. The only thing I can say is that I am aware of it.”
Russian GRU Intelligence Agency
Three US newspapers quoted White House sources as claiming that Russian officials were involved in the alleged agreement with the departments of the General Staff of Russia (GRU) Directorate.

The head of the Parliamentary Defense Committee in Britain, Tobias Elwood, said that he would raise the question of the possible action of the Russian military intelligence in Afghanistan to the United Nations.

The Taliban have been included in the list of banned extremist organizations of Russia. The Taliban has rejected any such agreements with Russia. At the same time, Russia has described these newspaper reports as ‘lies’ and ‘absurd’.

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