Top 10 Universities in the world!


University of oxford

This UK university is on the first rank for the last five years. No university in the world is able to compete with it.

Stanford University

This university of America was at number four last year. This time its rank is better.

Harvard University

America’s Harvard is very popular but last year it was at number seven. Harvard Business School is counted among the best business schools in the world.

California Institute of Technology

Eight out of ten universities in this list are from America. This university was at number two last year.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is counted among the best universities in the world in terms of engineering. It has retained its fifth position in this list.

University of cambridge

This is the second UK university after Oxford in this list. Last year it was counted as the third best university in the world.

University of California, Berkeley

This university has reached seventh position from 13th position. It has performed very well in the Corona era.

Yale university

Yale retains its eighth position as of last year. There has been a lot of discussion on the name of this university in India.

Princeton University

It has moved from sixth to ninth position. Apart from Harvard and Yale, Princeton is the third university in the Ivy League in this list.

University of chicago

It has come from ninth to tenth position. Like many good universities in America, it is also a private university.

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