Villan in movies is the Hero No 1 in Real Life – Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood - The Real Hero

Fan requests PM Modi to honor Sonu Sood with the highest Indian civilian award Bharat Ratna for his generosity towards the needy and work he has done during the Lockdown time.

Sonu Sood not only becomes the fitness role model for youth. But also due to his social work towards the society which includes helping the patients who can’t afford to pay their medical bills.

Here is evidence of his exemplary kindness towards the needy :

He helped a man named Sk Yakhub who was bedridden for 4 years to some injury and was unable to expenses for his treatment. Then Sonu Sood came and helps him by providing him financial help in his treatment. Now he is able to walk without a wheelchair.


Due to his kind work towards society, he is getting quite a lot of blessings, tweets filled with love, and respect for him on twitter. People are posting his painting on twitter and other social media. Along with this, he is also motivating them by replying to their every post and comment.


Yes it is true he mostly takes antagonist role in most of the movies maybe it is a South Indian movie or Bollywood movie. But hi, as karma in the real-world makes him protagonist in real life and these actions of him make him the No 1 Hero in real life.

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