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What Got In Chinese Neck?



Numerous disputes

Be it a quarrel with the US or a border dispute with India, criticism over Hong Kong, or demanding an investigation into its role behind the outbreak of the epidemic, China is currently embroiled in diplomatic disputes on several fronts. Let’s take a look at these controversies.


The relationship between these two biggest economies of the world has not fallen so far in the last several decades as it has fallen today. Disputes between the two countries over trade and technology are going on, as well as differences between the two countries have increased due to the frequent blaming of China for the spread of Coronavirus. China has also accused the US of supporting Hong Kong demonstrations.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong itself is a major diplomatic problem for China. China wanted to implement the national security law there but the US and other Western countries opposed it. Hong Kong was once a British colony, and following China’s new steps, Britain has said that Hong Kong’s British National Overseas passport will grant extended visa rights to holders.


Several countries, including the US and Australia, have demanded that China’s accountability should be proved for the way China failed to stop the coronavirus. Coronavirus originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan. China has also accused dictator-like “virus diplomacy”.


China has always claimed its supremacy over the democratic-ruled country of Taiwan. Now China has started increasing diplomatic and military pressure on Taiwan to accept its ownership. But the Taiwanese president, re-elected with a heavy vote, has rejected China’s claims that only Taiwanese people can decide its future.


Their disputed border between India and China is currently undergoing the most serious deadlock since 2017. In remote Ladakh, soldiers of both countries are accusing each other of encroachment. There has been a scuffle in both.


The US and many countries have criticized China for its treatment of Uygur Muslims in its western province. In May itself, the US House of Representatives passed a bill enforcing the ban against officials responsible for the oppression of Uygurs.


The US has expressed security concerns about China’s big telecom company Huawei. It has warned its friendly countries that if they use it in their mobile network, then there will be a risk of their intelligence being disconnected from the contact systems being received. Huawei has denied these allegations. In May itself, the US started efforts to stop the supply of chips to Huawei from all over the world.


China and Canada’s relationship has deteriorated since Canada detained Meng Wenzhou, the daughter of Huawei’s founder, in 2018. Soon after, China arrested two Canadian citizens and blocked the import of canola seed. In May, Meng lost a case filed against extradition to America.

The European Union

Last week, the foreign ministers of the European Union decided among themselves that they would strengthen their strategy of war against China. The Sangh is concerned about China’s pressure diplomacy on the Hong Kong issue. The Sangh has also been troubled by the difficulties faced by its companies in reaching the Chinese market. It is being told that in a report of the Union, there were allegations on China that it was spreading false information about Coronavirus.


In May, China imposed a barley (barley) rectangle from Australia. There has been a long fight between the two countries. The relationship between the two countries soured in 2018 when Australia banned Huawei from its 5G broadband network. China is also angry at Australia’s demand for an independent investigation of Coronavirus.

South China Sea

The South China Sea is a region rich in sources of energy and there are many disputed claims in this area of ​​China that clash with the claims of the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan. This area is also an important trade route. The US has alleged that China is raising the demand for the destruction of coronavirus to increase its presence in the region.

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