What They Steal From Hotels?

The artwork

In the rooms of expensive luxury hotels, decoration items are also expensive. Hotel owners are very upset due to their theft. A survey by travel site Wellness Heaven revealed that paintings from 34 per cent of five-star hotels have been stolen.


The problem of theft of bed sheets and blankets is also common. Of the nearly 1,000 hotels involved in the survey, blankets of 15 percent were stolen and pillows in 13 percent of the rooms were stolen. Theft of these items from expensive hotels is four times more than ordinary hotels.


Almost all rooms have TVs. TV was stolen from about five percent of the hotels included in the survey. You will also have trouble getting the TV out of the wires or the wall peg. Apparently they would have taken some tools along with them for the preparation.

The mattress

If you think that it would be difficult to remove sheets, blankets or TV from hotels with CCTV cameras, then think how the mattress would have been stolen. The hoteliers say that some thieves take them very comfortably by putting them in the lift.

The piano

It was reported from an Italian luxury hotel that the huge piano kept in his lounge suddenly disappeared. It was learned that three unknown people pushed him out of the hotel and then after taking him to the road, took him away.

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